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JZT300 Gear Speed Reducer

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JZT300 Gear Speed Reducer

Product Abstract:

JZT300 Gear Speed Reducer for forming mill metal processing equipment Ratio:1:8 Power:5Kw

Product Description

JZT300 Gear Speed Reducer for forming mill metal processing equipment
Input Power:5KW


1. Slow than a wide range, 
2,Smooth running, low noise, 
3,Min: 1Set

1. Slow than a wide range,
2. Mechanical transmission efficiency high, secondary, tertiary, da big 96%; 94%,
3. Smooth running, low noise,
4. Due to the 42CrMo, quenching and tempering treatment by forging 35CrMo respectively, making the gear axis and gear, so long service life, high bearing capacity,
5. Easy to overhauling, easy to install.


Applicable condition:
1. Gear circumference speed is not more than dedicated 16m/s,
2. No greater than high-speed shaft speed 1000r/min,
3. Working environment temperature of 40-45 ° C,
4. Can be both the positive and negative direction operation. 

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