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What's Speed Reducer
2013-07-15 08:44:06

Exactly what is a speed reducer? It is just a style of closed-type transmission equipment and that is set up in prime motor and working machine. It plays a crucial role in lowering the rotating speed and helping the torque. Sometimes, so as to meet some special work requirements, in addition , it may be used to raise the speed. Therefore, sometimes people refer to it as speed increaser.

There are numerous sorts of speed reducers available in the market that it is very hard if you are to choose the suitable one. When we pick the speed reducer, they have to know clearly something about the working machine, for example its choosing conditions, technical parameter, the home of the power machine and economical efficiency. Meanwhile, it is better for those that compares several types of speed reducers, including their sizes, transmission efficiency, loading capacity, quality and price. Thus, people can make the most appropriate speed reducer.

As far as could, the pace reducer is often a relatively accurate machine, whose main function is to slow up the rotating speed and raise the torque. It is consists of different components, for instance gear, worm, axis, bearing an incident. In the following passage the write will introduce these basic parts:

(1) Gear, axis and bearing

The mixture of pinion gear and axis is termed gear shaft. This structure is needed when the diameter in the gear is comparable to the diameter with the axis. We suppose the diameter from the axis is "d" as well as the diameter with the root circle in the gear is "df". If your distinction between "df" and "d" is lower than 6 or 7mn, this structure is correct. While, when the difference between "df" and "d" is more than 6 or 7mn, it is advisable to discover the gear and axis. Meanwhile, the tools is associated with the fixed flat key in the axis plus the spares within the axis are fixed underneath the call time shaft shoulder, housing and bearing cover. The bearing might be lubricated from the thin oil splashed if your gear rotates.

(2) Case

The way it is would be the essential element to get a speed reducer. It's the lower transmission components. So it is seen as a the high rigidity and strength. Generally situation, true includes gray iron. Sometimes, so that you can simplify the technology and reduce the cost, the steel plate can also be employed to make the case. With regards to ensuring the soundness with this reducer's installation and lowering the mechanical working section of the case base, the foot of the case adopts the incomplete surface.

(3) Accessory in the speed reducer

To guarantee the conventional operation in the speed reducer, people ought not only focus on the design on the gear, axis, bearing and case but should pay attention to the choice and design regarding the oil vent, height of the oil level, the accurate position of case cover an incident base and other aided parts.

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